Lamps by Classified Moto

What started as a whim in their garage has turned into a worldwide hit. The genuine Classified Moto vintage lamps features salvaged spares from Japanese motorcycles of the ’70s and ’80′s welded together in a simple, elegant design. They’ve  sent them all over the world — Sydney, Anchorage, Barcelona, London — and more.  The design incorporates a spring/shock welded to a transmission gear welded to a brake rotor. High quality Bakelite sockets finish it off in keeping with the vintage vibe. Lamps are numbered and parts are identified by year make and model to the best of our ability.

Because each lamp is made to order using real parts with many thousands of miles on them, you can expect scratches, dings and dents under the trademark Classified finish. The lamp pictured here is an example of the typical design, but yours will vary somewhat. Their  always happy to accommodate your preferences when selecting parts, so just let them know. Please allow a four to six week turnaround time. Rush items are available for an additional fee. And now you can follow the building of your lamp online. Just click

Source Classified Moto